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Lexmark CX510dhe Color Laser MFP, Refurbished (28E0615)

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➯ Refurbished, Lexmark #28E0615  
➯ Color, Laser MFP  
➯ Print Speed: 32 ppm BLACK, 32 ppm COLOR
SKU: E015-864
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Condition: Refurbished

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Fabulous Color. Fully Loaded.

The network-ready Lexmark CX510dhe MFP with a color touch screen and a print speed as fast as 32 ppm with 2-sided printing lets you copy, scan and fax.

Main Features

Freedom to Print on the Fly

Produce professional color in-house, on demand. With 1 GB of upgradable memory and a dual-core processor, you'll print fast, too.

Professional Color Matching

Lexmark Named Color Replacement and PANTONE® calibration make it easy to develop a consistent brand image by accurately matching your colors.

High Resolution Graphics

With up to true 1200x1200 dpi resolution, images and graphics stay crisp. Lexmark's Unison™ Toner ensures consistent quality, too.

Super Fast and Quiet Output

Quickly print, copy and scan up to 32 pages per minute in black and color, plus produce a 1-page color document in as little as 11.5 seconds.

Smart Touch Screen and USB Port

The vibrant 7-inch color touch screen provides access to easy-to-use preinstalled productivity solutions. There's a convenient front USB port, too.


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OEM Lexmark 800X2 HY Toner Cartridge - Cyan, 80C0X20
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OEM Lexmark 801K Toner Cartridge - Black, 80C10K0
OEM Lexmark 801M Toner Cartridge - Magenta, 80C10M0
OEM Lexmark 801Y Toner Cartridge - Yellow, 80C10Y0
OEM Lexmark 801HC HY Toner Cartridge - Cyan, 80C1HC0
OEM Lexmark 801HK HY Toner Cartridge - Black, 80C1HK0
OEM Lexmark 801HM HY Toner Cartridge - Magenta, 80C1HM0
OEM Lexmark 801HY HY Toner Cartridge - Yellow, 80C1HY0
OEM Lexmark 801SC Toner Cartridge - Cyan, 80C1SC0
OEM Lexmark 801SK Toner Cartridge - Black, 80C1SK0
OEM Lexmark 801SM Toner Cartridge - Magenta, 80C1SM0
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OEM Lexmark 801XC HY Toner Cartridge - Cyan, 80C1XC0
OEM Lexmark 801XK HY Toner Cartridge - Black, 80C1XK0
OEM Lexmark 801XM HY Toner Cartridge - Magenta, 80C1XM0
OEM Lexmark 801XY HY Toner Cartridge - Yellow, 80C1XY0
OEM Lexmark 701HC HY Toner Cartridge - Cyan, 70C1HC0
OEM Lexmark 701HK HY Toner Cartridge - Black, 70C1HK0
OEM Lexmark 701HM HY Toner Cartridge - Magenta, 70C1HM0
OEM Lexmark 701HY HY Toner Cartridge - Yellow, 70C1HY0
OEM Lexmark 700D1 Developer - Black, 70C0D10
OEM Lexmark 700D2 Developer - Cyan, 70C0D20
OEM Lexmark 700D3 Developer - Magenta, 70C0D30
OEM Lexmark 700D4 Developer - Yellow, 70C0D40
OEM Lexmark 700Z5 Image Drum - CMYK, 70C0Z50
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Lexmark Fuser assembly, 220-240V, (40X7623)
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Lexmark Fuser drive motor assembly, (40X7629)
Lexmark Fuser exit sensor, (40X5413)
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Lexmark Maintenance Kit 110volt, (40X7615)
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Lexmark 2GB x32 DDR3 RAM, (40X7445)
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Lexmark 1GB x32 DDR3 RAM, (40X7567)
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Lexmark 250-Sheet tray insert, (40X7645)
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Lexmark 550-Sheet Duo Tray with 100-Sheet MPF, (40X8089)
Lexmark 550-Sheet duo tray insert, (40X8091)
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Lexmark 550-Sheet tray, (40X8090)
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Lexmark Output bin tray, (40X7811)
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Lexmark ADF input tray, (40X9054)
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Lexmark 38C0636 CS410, CS510, CX410, CX510 550SHEET Tray

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