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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400S Color Plotter, Demo (8571B002)

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> Demo, Canon #8571B002
> Color, Wide Printer
> Print Speed: - ppm BLACK, - ppm COLOR
SKU: E014-528r
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OEM Canon PFI-105BK Ink Cartridge - Black, 3000B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-105C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 3001B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-105M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 3002B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-105Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 3003B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-105PC Ink Cartridge - Photo Cyan, 3004B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-105GY Ink Cartridge - Gray, 3009B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1700C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 0776C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1700M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 0777C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1700Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 0778C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300MBK Ink Cartridge - Matte Black, 0810C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300PBK Ink Cartridge - Photo Black, 0811C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 0812C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 0813C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 0814C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300PC Ink Cartridge - Photo Cyan, 0815C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300GY Ink Cartridge - Gray, 0817C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100MBK Ink Cartridge - Matte Black, 0849C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 0851C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 0852C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 0853C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100PC Ink Cartridge - Photo Cyan, 0854C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100GY Ink Cartridge - Gray, 0856C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 0884B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 0885B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 0886B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101R Ink Cartridge - Red, 0889B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101G Ink Cartridge - Green, 0890B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-101B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 0891B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1700R Ink Cartridge - Red, 0783C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1700B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 0784C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300PGY Ink Cartridge - Photo Gray, 0818C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300R Ink Cartridge - Red, 0819C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1300B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 0820C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100PBK Ink Cartridge - Photo Black, 0850C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100PGY Ink Cartridge - Photo Gray, 0857C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100R Ink Cartridge - Red, 0858C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-1100B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 0859C001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 5304B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 5305B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 5306B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206PC Ink Cartridge - Photo Cyan, 5307B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206GY Ink Cartridge - Gray, 5312B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106C Ink Cartridge - Cyan, 6622B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106M Ink Cartridge - Magenta, 6623B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106Y Ink Cartridge - Yellow, 6624B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106GY Ink Cartridge - Gray, 6630B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206BK Ink Cartridge - Black, 5303B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206R Ink Cartridge - Red, 5309B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206G Ink Cartridge - Green, 5310B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-206B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 5311B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106BK Ink Cartridge - Black, 6621B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106R Ink Cartridge - Red, 6627B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106G Ink Cartridge - Green, 6628B001AA
OEM Canon PFI-106B Ink Cartridge - Blue, 6629B001AA
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