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Sharp AR-C260M
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Today's businesses need a copier/printer that offers speedy output and superb print quality in an easy-to-use package. The ARC260M gives you this and more, with the highest levels of productivity for both color and B/W documents. Network scanning, which lets you seamlessly integrate paper-based documents and digital files, and automated booklet making are just some of the features that greatly improve office workflow. This machine can also print on heavy paper stock and a variety of paper sizes, enabling companies to create posters and POP displays in a multitude of colours in-house.
With a wealth of functions in a single, compact unit, it responds to all your color document needs while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.


Efficient operation allows you to quickly produce high-quality documents in large volumes

From making a single copy to creating multi-page booklets, the job gets done with great time and labor savings.

The ARC260M prints out the first copies in just 8.0 seconds in fullcolor mode -- one of the fastest speeds in its class -- and 7.0 seconds in black and white mode, providing the high copying efficiency your business needs for multiple short-run jobs.

Tandem printing helps the ARC260M deliver a fast output of 26 cpm/ppm in full color and 32 cpm/ppm in B/W. But speed is just one of the benefits of tandem printing; it also minimizes misfeeds to save you paper and toner costs.

Tandem Printing Engine
The four in-line drums inside the ARC260M are arranged side-by-side, similar to those of a printing press. The four CMYK colors are printed onto paper in order in a short, straight path.

The ARC260M saves each page of a document into internal memory and then automatically outputs collated sets of copies or printouts in the proper page order. Each set is offset stacked for easier separation. Up to 999 copies can be made directly from memory. This highly productive process is indispensable for high-volume jobs.
Note: When copying, only B/W documents can be electronically sorted.

Quick warm-up time of 99 seconds minimises waiting time

High-performance Power PC 755 300MHz CPU for high-speed printing

Productive stackless duplexing


Original image processing technology faithfully produces beautiful copies and printouts.

Thanks to its sophisticated imaging technologies and advanced hardware design, anyone can make great-looking color documents with ease.

Its unique Auto Color Mode lets you make excellent color copies easily. Working together with Intelligent Auto-Segmentation Technology that distinguishes between text and photos, Auto Color Mode analyzes the content of an original document and automatically recognizes the type of original. It then selects the optimum copy mode to produce copies that are faithful to the original. When copying a document that has text over a pale colored background, this function can be set to automatically remove background color, thus producing copies that are clearer and easier to read. These features make it easy -- even for first-time users -- to make high-quality color copies while minimizing wasted paper and toner.

Automatically Recognizes the Type of Original

The newly developed oil-less toner produces vivid, natural-looking color documents without leaving a glossy coating on the paper�s surface. You can easily write messages or paste sticky notes on copies and printouts even if they contain many color photos.

600 DPI

Scans and outputs documents at 600 dpi. This high scan/print resolution ensures that all details of the original document, including fine text, charts and even photographs, come out clear and legible. It also provides 256 gradations for each CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color, enabling excellent color fidelity.

This device employs a write head with an original 4-bit image processing LED. This system is capable of producing 16 color gradation patterns on a single pixel, and working together with a dither matrix process, can achieve superb color fidelity equivalent to 256 gradations per CMYK color. This allows you to create beautiful printouts and copies with impressive color detail.

Advanced image processing technologies offer excellent print and copy quality. Automatic Registration and Calibration help to provide accurate color output every time. 3D Neural Nets Technology makes adjustments according to the condition of the scan mechanism and toner to ensure the color of the copies faithfully matches that of the originals. A Color Image Stabilizing System ensures consistent color quality over a long period of time by using feedback sensors to monitor the machine and make precise adjustments whenever necessary.

Logically designed control panel features a wide, clear touchscreen LCD panel with easy-to-follow guidance. For example, when adjusting the edge/center erase function or, in the event of a paper jam, the LCD displays step-by-step animated instructions to guide you through the necessary procedures.

Account control for print, copy and scan with audit codes

Pre-Heat and Auto Power Shut-Off modes

Notification of machine status through e-mail

Excellent space-saving design fits neatly in your office


The ability to handle thick paper up to 300 g/m2 expands your creative possibilities by enabling you to produce original POP displays and packages.

Various creativity-enhancing functions let you communicate your ideas more effectively.

Accommodates a wide range of paper sizes, from A6R (5 1/2" x 8") to A3 wide (12" x 18"). And thanks to its tandem printing method, it can handle heavy paper stock up to 300 g/m2. It can also print on overhead transparencies and other types of paper, further expanding the range of printing applications. Save time and money by creating packages, POP displays and other promotional materials in-house.

The ARC260M includes colorful editing functions made possible by digital technology.

Multi-Page Enlargement divides an image onto separate sheets, allowing you to make poster-like copies up to A0 x 2 (44" x 68") in size.

Image Repeat places multiple copies of an image onto a single sheet.

The ARC260M can make two-sided copies and printouts when equipped with the optional duplex module and duplex bypass/inverter unit, effectively reducing paper costs as well as saving filing space. Auto duplexing is available for paper weights up to 200 g/m2. This allows you, for example, to create impressive company brochures and business proposals by using thick paper for the cover.

The ARC260M can copy up to four pages of originals onto a single sheet, effectively reducing your paper costs. The similar N-up function places up to eight pages of documents onto a single printout. And not only does this save you paper, it also saves you time, with a Fit to Page function that automatically sets the appropriate reduction/ enlargement ratio according to the paper size you select.


With built-in print controller and network connectivity, the ARC260M is a network printer that offers speedy output and a variety of convenient functions.

The ARC260M is a powerful and versatile workgroup printer with a fast output of 26 ppm in color and 32 ppm in B/W. Featuring RIP Once Print Many and electronic sorting functions, it can download and store large print files on its hard disk for quick and efficient processing, freeing up your PC for other tasks and reducing network congestion. When used with the optional Saddle Stitch Finisher, it can automatically sort and staple your documents or make booklets.

The ARC260M can be used with major Windows(R) operating systems, including Windows(R) 95/98/Me, Windows NT(R) 4.0, Windows(R) 2000 and Windows(R) XP. With built-in network connectivity, you can extend its power to your entire office network. The ARC260M supports 100Base-TX and 10Base-T Ethernet standards and TCP/IP and IPX/SPX protocols.

Sharp�s original Printer Administration Utility software makes printer networks easier to manage by allowing network administrators to customize monitored items and view settings such as the IP address directly from their PC.

If the printer is low on toner or paper, the Printer Status Monitor will alert you in the form of easy-to-understand graphics, allowing you to avoid problems before they arise.

Its Job Offset function makes it easier to locate and retrieve your documents by stacking each print job slightly shifted apart from each other.


To keep others from seeing confidential documents as they are being printed out, the ARC260M�s Print Hold function withholds output until the user arrives at the machine and executes a print command from the operation panel. For added security, the Confidential Print function requires the user to enter in a personal identification number at the machine before printing can begin.

Digital copier/printers can retain hundreds of pages of confidential information from previous jobs on their hard disks or internal memory. To prevent these sensitive records from being recovered by unauthorized persons, the AR-C260M can be equipped with the optional Data Security Kit, which completely erases the data generated for each job.


Copying Speed Color: 26 cpm/ppm, B&W: 32 cpm/ppm1

Resolution Scan: 600 dpi, Output: 600 dpi

Automatic Duplex Optional - Stackless

First-Copy Out Time Approx. 7 sec. B&W, 8 sec. Color

Paper Feed Standard 750 sheets.
Optional: 1 x 500, 3 x 500 or Duplex unit with additional 2 x 500 sheet paper decks.

Max configuration: 5,250 sheets.

Recommended Monthly Volume 48,000

Maximum Paper Size 12" x 18"

Maximum Paper Index Weight 170# Index (300 gsm)

Type Desktop

Copy System Electrophotographic (LED System)

Copy Speed Details 26 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 11")
19 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 11" R)
13 copies/prints/minute (170# Index)
15 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 14")
13 copies/prints/minute (11" x 17")
7 copies/prints/minute (12" x 18")

Originals Sheets, bound documents

Copy Size Max. 11" x 17" , Min. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Continuous Copy Max. 999 copies; subtractive counter

Copy Ratio Variable: 25/45-400% in 1% increments, total 376 steps (can be set in horizontal and vertical directions independently).

Fixed presets 25%, 50%, 64%, 77%, 95%, 100%, 121%, 129%, 141%, 200%, 400%

Resolution Scan: 600 dpi

Output: 600 dpi

First-Copy Time Approx. 8 sec. Color
7 sec. B&W

Warm-Up Time Approx. 99 sec.

Original Feed System RADF

Fusing System Oil-less / Heat rollers

Developer System Non-magnetic single component

Exposure System Moving optical source (stationary platen) with original recognition and classification system.

Light Source Halogen lamp

Required Power Supply AC 120 V, 60 Hz, 15 amperes

ENERGY STAR� Yes - As an ENERGY STAR� partner, Sharp has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR� guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.

Weight Approx. 147.5 lbs. (67 kg)

Dimensions 26.4" (w) x 26.6" (d) x 27.9" (h)

Including Platen Cover

Optional Equipment
Platen Cover (ARVR4)
Reversing Auto Document Feeder (ARRF3)
Saddle-stitch Finisher (ARF13)
Hole Punch (ARPN1B)
20-Bin Sorter (ARS11)
Exit Tray (ARTE3)
Large Capacity Tray 3,000-sheet (ARLC5N)
Paper Feed Desk 1 x 500-sheets (ARD17)
Paper Feed Desk 3 x 500 sheets (ARD18)
Paper Feed Desk 2 x 500-sheets with Duplex Module (ARD19)
Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit (ARRB1)
Network Scanner Expansion (ARNS2)
Postscript Expansion Kit (ARPK4)
Additional Sharpdesk License Kit (AR-U11M or ARU15M)

Printer Specifications

Controller PowerPC755 500 MHz (or higher) 40 GB HD/128MB RAM

Print Size 11" x 17"

Resolution 600 dpi x 600 dpi

Computer Interface Sharp Print Driver

Sharp Printer Status Monitor

Sharp Print Administration Utilities

Sharp Desk�

Remote E-mail Diagnostics

Network Operating Systems Windows NT, Windows 95, 98,ME,2000 (Mac OS with PS3 option)

Protocols EtherTalk, Phase II, TCP/IP, Novell IPX-SPX NDS

Supported Print Channel IEEE 1284 parallel port (ECP compatible)
IPP Version 1.0 Compatible
USB (1port)

Network Interface - 10/100 Base T
- Parallel

Print Driver Support PCL5c, PS3 (optional)

RAM Memory 128 MB SDRAM Standard (Maximum 640 MB SDRAM)

Software Solutions Callisto� - Print Job Routing

Equitrac� - Print Log Accounting

Variable Data Printing Solutions

Additional Functions
Copy Functions APS, AMS, Auto Tray Switching, Rotation Copy, E-Sort (B/W), Preheat, Auto Shut-Off Timer, Scan-Once Print-Many Copies (B/W), Key Operator Program, Auditor Interface, Account Control (200 accounts), Job Recall (up to 9 jobs), Margin Shift, Edge Erase, Center Erase, Dual Page Copy, Cover Insertion, Transparency Inserts, Centering, Multi-shot (N in 1), Pamphlet Copy (B/W), Duplex Copy Orientation, Photo Repeat/Business Card Repeat, RGB Adjust, Color Balance, Intensity, Brightness, Sharpness, Mirror Image, Single Color Mode, Multipage Enlargement, Suppress Background, 11 x 17 Full-Bleed, Auto Color Calibration, Auto Color Registration, Original Recognition and Classification System.
Print Functions Two-sided, Pamphlets (tiled or 2-up), Margin Shift, N-Up Printing, N-Up Border, Reverse Order, Paper Size/Custom Paper Selection, Cover Page, Transparency Inserts, Output Tray Selection, Staple/Punch, Offset, Confidential Print, Hold Print, Sample Print, Overlays, Watermarks, Custom User Settings, Account Control.

Utilities Print Status Monitor, Printer Admin Utility, Integrated Installer, TWAIN Plug-in, Remote E-mail Diagnostics, Sharpdesk�.

Scan Functions Optional Network Scanner Expansion Kit and Network TWAIN, Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP Server, Scan to Desktop with following specifications: Trial Mode, Address Directory, Destination Selection, Sender Setting, Image Setting Modes, Image Rotation, Image File Size Control (for reduced network traffic).
Sharp Sharp AR-C260M

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Sharp AR-C260M

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