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Ricoh Aficio 1035 and1035P digital B&W copiers - with optional print, scan and fax capabilities - blend high-quality imaging, advanced processing, seamless network connectivity and powerful communications technology to satisfy a wide variety of workgroup needs � all from a centralized location. Ricoh's Next Generation architecture makes it simple to design a multifunctional system with just the right mix of capabilities for your office�s requirements. Start with the Ricoh Aficio 1035�s standard copier configuration; then upgrade with additional functionalities as your needs currently demand or evolve over time.
As a high-velocity digital copier, the Ricoh Aficio 1035 and 1035P utilize Ricoh�s Scan Once, Print Many technology to quickly produce copies at speeds up to 35 ppm. Walk-up jobs are controlled easily through the large touch screen LCD display, while fast warm-up and first-copy-out times (20 and 4.5 seconds, respectively) get you in and out with minimal delays. And with 600 dpi resolution, 256 shades of gray, and multiple copy modes, you can be assured that your output will be reproduced with outstanding image quality.
Networked environments can tap into the Ricoh Aficio 1035P�s speed and performance to experience high-quality network printing. Through Ricoh�s SmartNetMonitor� software, all users in your organization can remotely access the Ricoh Aficio 1035P and exercise complete control over their printed output directly from their desktops. (Network PCL printing and additional system memory comes standard with the Ricoh Aficio 1035P configuration; base model Ricoh Aficio 1035 users can always upgrade).
Your Ricoh Aficio 1035/1035P can also be configured to include network scanning. With Ricoh�s ScanRouter� software, you can quickly transform paper originals to digital files at up to 45 ppm, then easily route to other locations on your network for storage, retrieval, editing, or printing.
Optional Super G3 faxing allows users to communicate with colleagues around the world at 33 Kbps. (approx. 3 seconds per page). With JBIG compression, transmission speed can be increased to up to 2 seconds per page:
To speed you through fax jobs, documents are scanned into memory at 0.43 seconds per page.
Other time-savers include: Dual Access to receive and transmit simultaneously, 400 Quick Dial numbers (expandable to 1,200) and Multi-port capability to run up to 3 lines at the same time.
A LAN fax option is also available, allowing users to transmit and receive fax messages directly from their workstations over your company�s Local Area Network.
And for ultra-high volume fax environments, there�s even an ISDN digital fax option for superior image quality and blazing fast speeds of 1.5 seconds per page.
At the core of all this multifunctionality, you have the option of adding a powerful 10GB Document Server, a large central repository for storing and managing all your organization�s documents�and streamlining your document workflow:
Store up to 3,000 files (approx. 9,000 pages or images) with ease.
Using Ricoh DeskTopBinder� V2 Lite software, any user on your network can quickly, search, access and retrieve files for fast printing, copying, or faxing as many times as required.
Documents can also be integrated with other hard-copy or electronic documents or professionally finished.
And all this can be accomplished directly from the user�s desktop PC.
Furthermore, the Ricoh Aficio 1035 and 1035P are loaded with lots of extras to accelerate and improve the look of your finished output:
Want to double your productivity? The Ricoh Aficio 1035/1035P�s Stackless Interleave Duplexing allows you to perform unlimited two-sided copying or printing of jobs as large as 11" x 17"�at 100% of the device�s rated speed.
With the optional 80-sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder, you can easily copy, scan or fax batches of mixed-size documents.
And with convenient finishing options like multi-position stapling, stacking and hole-punching, producing ready-made document sets is an automatic, hands-free process.
Engine Specification

Scanning ElementFlatbed with moving CCD array image-sensor

Printing processingTwin Laser beam scanning & Electro-photographic printing

Dimensions (W x D x H)23.6" x 25.6" x 28.3"

Weight172 lbs.

Paper SupplyStandard: 500 sheets tray x 2 + 50 sheet bypass tray Optional: 500 sheets tray x 2 (Paper Bank) 1,500 sheets (LCT)

Output Capacity Standard: 500 sheets (Internal Tray), 250 sheets (with Bridge Unit), 125 sheets (1 Bin Tray), 125 sheets (External Tray), 1,000 sheets (Finisher 1000), 500 sheets (Multi Tray Finisher, upper), 2,000 sheets (Multi Tray Finisher), 100 sheets x 9 bins + 500 sheets proof tray (Mailbox)

Paper size/weight sizeTrays: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - 11" x 17" Bypass: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - 11" x 17" LCT: 8 1/2" x 11" Duplex: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - 11" x 17"

Weight Tray 1,2: 20-28 lbs. Tray 3,4: 20-28 lbs. LCT: 20-28lbs. Bypass: 16-44 lbs. Duplex: 20-28 lbs.

Power Source120V/60Hz/6A

Copier Specification

First Copy4.5 seconds

Multicopy Speed35 cpm

One to one copy speed35 cpm

Multiple CopyUp to 999

Resolution600 dpi

Gray Scale256 levels

Warm-up time(from Main Switch off)15 seconds

Recovery Time(from auto off mode)10 seconds

Enlargement121, 129, 155, 200, 400% (US)

Reduction25% - 400% in 1% increments

Image Density AdjustmentManual or automatic

User code100 codes

Facsimile Specification

Circuit PSTN, PBX, ISDN (option)

CompatibiliityITU-T G3, G4 (option)

Resolution200 x 100 /200dpi (std.) 400 x 400 dpi (option)

Compression methodMH, MR, MMR, JBIG (Option)

Scanning speed.43 second

Modem speed64 Kbps. ISDN (G4 option)

Transmission SpeedG3 - 3 seconds per page (without JBIG) G3 - 2 seconds per page (with JBIG) G4 - 3 seconds per page

Standard page memoryTBA

Optional page memoryTBA

Memory backup 1 hour

Quick and Speed dialsStandard: 400 numbers Optional: 1200 numbers

Group dials64 groups (500 numbers per group)

ProgramStandard: 100 numbers Optional: 200 numbers with JBIG option

User CodeStandard: 100 codes

Printer Specification

Print Speed35 ppm

InterfaceStandard: Parallel Port IEEE1284 (ECP) IC Card Slot (for service use only) Option: 2 ports x IEEE1394 (6 pin)


Network ProtocolTCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk


RAM memory capacityStandard: 32MB Optional: 64MB

Hard Disk DriveStandard: 10 GB

Printer Description LanguageStandard: PCL5e/PCL6/RPCS Optional:PostScript3

Print Resolution600 dpi/300 dpi

Print DriversPCL 5e: Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000 PCL 6: Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000 RPCS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0 PostScript3: Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000, Macintosh 7.61

Driver LanguagesPCL5e/PCL6/RPCS: English / German / French / Italian
Ricoh Ricoh Aficio 1035

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Ricoh Aficio 1035

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