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We'll beat any online price on Ricoh 2020 Copier Supplies and Accessories!
We'll beat any online price on Ricoh 2020 Copier Supplies and Accessories!


Office basics: every day you print files, copy documents and send faxes. What if one reliable and user-friendly device could help you take care of all these tasks, providing excellent quality output? A smooth office workflow within reach! Ricoh�s Aficio�2020/2020D make it all happen. No need to spend your budget on bulky stand-alone devices. These user-friendly systems provide you with high speeds (20 ppm), reliability and superior office print quality. From printing a simple file to sending faxes over the Internet and scanning to e-mail, these devices guarantee an optimised workflow from beginning to end. And even with this wealth of functionalities, the Aficio�2020/2020D remain very easy to operate and maintain: the productive office partner you have been looking for!
Offering maximum productivity performance within minimum space requirements, the Ricoh Aficio 2020 is the ideal multi-functional machine for meeting your daily document management needs. With this ideal all-in-one digital imaging system, you won�t have to spend money on buying a separate copier, printer, and fax machine � you just take advantage of the combined functionality of this state-of-the-art system to integrate copying, printing, scanning, and faxing into one robust networked solution that provides greater control over all your company communication processes and at a lesser cost than separate standalone devices.
Here�s how the Ricoh Aficio 2020 helps you work faster, smarter, and more economically:
Lets you create a completely networked office for your workgroup environment
Connect to your network or directly to a PC using one of two standard interfaces: 10/100BaseT Ethernet or USB 2.0.
Select one of two Wireless LAN Options and eliminate unsightly cables.

Streamline all aspects of your document workflow, from input and management to output and distribution
An intuitive control panel makes every job an easy one for every user.
Quickly process up to 30 single-sided originals at once for scanning, copying, e-mail transmissions and outbound fax transmissions.
Send electronic files from the workstation to the Ricoh Aficio 2020 via the network and then print them for immediate use.
TWAIN Scanning function � either directly to an image editing application (like Adobe PhotoShop�) or send them to a client utilizing Scan-to-Email; this capability eliminates the need for multiple desktop scanners.
Automatically receive incoming faxes � either printed at the Ricoh Aficio 2020 or routed to the desktop via your network.
Efficiently organize your data with an array of document management software
ScanRouter Pro � Ideal for environments with more robust scanning requirements; ScanRouter Pro offers enhancements to ScanRouter Lite and provides Scan-to-Folder/File and OCR capabilities.
DeskTopBinder Lite � Stay at your desk and manage electronic files with this software. For example, you can use DeskTopBinder Lite to merge Word and Excel files to create an impressive sales report.
Web SmartDevice Monitor and Web Image Monitor � These two Ricoh complementary device management utilities enable busy IT professionals (and users) to monitor and manage all copy, print, scan and fax functions of the Ricoh Aficio 2020 from the workstation. Additionally; users can add e-mail addresses/fax numbers, view system status and configuration, check toner/paper levels, and receive e-mail error notification using a standard web browser.
Ricoh�s Refined Print Command Stream (RPCS�) � This easy-to-use, icon-based print driver enables you to apply and save special settings for one-click job processing.
Here�s what you get when you take advantage of The Ricoh Aficio 2020 Digital Imaging System for fulfilling your essential business communication needs
Digital Copying � Take care of other business while the Ricoh Aficio 2020 handles all your copying needs; cruise through long jobs without interruption due to a generous paper supply of up to 1,600 sheets; a 100-sheet bypass tray further increases output versatility and enables users to produce jobs on colored stock, transparencies, and envelopes; automatically rotate scanned images to match the orientation of the paper in the paper trays, thereby eliminating costly and frustrating output errors; combine multiple images onto a single page, enabling you to efficiently manage documents that need retention, but are rarely referenced; produce collated sets from memory with the Electronic/Rotate Sorting feature, which eliminates time consuming, manual sorting.
Network Printing � Featuring high-performance network printing capabilities, the Ricoh Aficio 2020 Digital Imaging System offers support for all popular network platforms. Plus, Ricoh�s intuitive RPCS� icon-based print driver combines with standard PCL5e/6 and optional Adobe PostScript 3� to provide easy accessibility for all users.
Scan-to-Email � Scan hardcopy documents and then send them to multiple e-mail addresses as TIFF or PDF files. With scan resolutions at up to 600 dpi, it�s the perfect way to transmit large, multi-page documents (like legal briefs and technical manuals) as you eliminate overnight delivery charges.
Outbound Hardcopy Faxing � Environments with demanding hardcopy fax requirements will appreciate the high-end fax functionality of the Ricoh Aficio 2020. A Super G3 Modem combined with JBIG Compression transmits facsimiles in as little as 3 seconds per page.
LAN-Fax � Stay at your desk and fax from your workstation using the LAN-Fax driver. Sending a fax becomes as easy as clicking �print.�
Internet Fax � Eliminate long distance and/or international phone charges when you fax for free over the Internet (T.37). Convert outbound facsimiles to e-mail format and then transmit them to another Internet Fax or PC via the Internet. You�ll even receive a return receipt back to your workstation to confirm that your transmission was successful.
An Energy Star compliant device, the Ricoh Aficio 2020 Digital Imaging System also has these superior energy and supply-saving features
Quick Start-Up (QSU) Technology
Power-saving Sleep Modes
Combine Copy Modes
Toner Recycling
Minimal Ozone Emissions
Low Noise Levels
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

Facsimile Features (optional)
Super G3 33.6 Kbps Modem with standard JBIG compression

Dual Access allows simultaneous document scanning and fax reception

Up to 11� x 17� Faxing

Automatically stores incoming faxes in memory for 1 hour in the event of a loss of power

Features Serial Broadcasting, Send Later, Image Rotation and Batch Transmission

Fax directly from desktop with Internet and LAN faxing (requires All-in-One kit on basic version)

General Features
Easy to use control panel

Handles paper sizes up
Ricoh Ricoh 2020

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Ricoh 2020

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