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Minolta Di-2510f
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Minolta�s Di2510f is the all-in-one digital document solution designed to boost productivity at affordable cost. It combines capabilities and options for a perfect mix of high-speed printing and copying, high-volume fax, scanning to E-mail, FTP, PC or hard disk -- plus the ability to create finished documents in-house and on-demand.
With 25-ppm speed, the Di2510f is designed to keep information moving faster. It also lets you customize your workflow with scan options, a choice of print controllers, optional Internet faxing, and modular finishing capabilities: sorting, stapling, hole-punching, and saddle-stitch/center-crease-fold for making booklets in-house and on-demand.
As a networked multifunctional peripheral, your Di2510f is even more powerful -- because it opens up a world of high-productivity PageScope applications to manage devices from desktop PCs, distribute scanned documents more easily, search and retrieve documents faster, even update and share addresses between MFP�s and LDAP servers.
Minolta Di2510f Features:
Fast Output: 25-ppm output speed at true 600 x 600 dpi gives you high-quality performance to meet the needs of high-volume document traffic.
Higher Reliability: A powerful, newly designed print engine, solid construction, and smooth, gentle paper path combine to help increase reliability and maximize uptime.
Built-in Fax Capabilities: Super G3 fax for high-speed transmission and reception at up to 33.6 Kbps, 11� x 17� fax capability, and optional Internet faxing for fast distribution.
Advanced Facsimile Features: Dual line capability (optional), large memory capacity, hundreds of autodialing locations, broadcast transmission, confidential mailbox transmision/reception, F-Code support, and a host of other features to speed fax input and output.
Dual Printing Options: For printing and finishing with point-and-click simplicity, you�ll have a choice of two Minolta internal Print Controllers: Pi3505e PCL lets you control PCL5e and PCL6 printing and finishing capabilities; Pi3505e PostScript 3 + PCL adds desktop PC control of PostScript Level 3 in addition to PCL5e and PCL6 printing, and provides additional functions for printing complex documents.
Fast Optional Scanning: SU-2 Network Scan Kit lets you scan documents at full rated speed, scan to E-mail for delivery to E-mail addresses, scan to URL, FTP in PDF or TIFF format, or scan to hard disk drive to distribute documents quickly and easily in digital form; SU-3 Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit adds Internet Faxing and IP Scanning to let you scan documents directly to a folder on your PC.
Modular Finishing Options: How much finishing power does your application require? With Minolta, you�re in control -- because you�ll have modular options that let you customize output capabilities to your needs. You can add finishing features including sorting, grouping, multi-position stapling, 2-hole and 3-hole punching, even center stapling and crease-folding to deliver finished booklets, reports, presentations, brochures, training materials, and other documents in-house and on-demand without tedious hand-finishing.
Superior Image Quality: Minolta�s exclusive Micro-Toning High-Grade (MT-HG) imaging technology gives you superior 600 x 600 dpi prints with sharper details, more legible text, and higher-quality photographic halftones. Fax resolution is versatile enough to assure excellent quality with both text and grayscale images -- and you�ll have copy modes to match any original.
Expanded Paper Capacity: You can add options to increase your maximum paper capacity to 4,000 sheets for handling long print/copy runs and unattended or weekend fax reception without the need to re-load paper.
Standard Versatile Paper Size & Stock: Universal paper drawers accept paper sizes from 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" up to 11" x 17" and paper weights from 15 lb. bond to 24 lb. bond. An intelligent manual bypass extends your paper-handling range from 24-1/4 lb. to 55-3/4 lb. specialty paper, OHP transparencies, postcards, ten #10 envelopes, and label sheets.
Convenient Job Handling: You can manage 10 jobs at once, recall jobs and job settings from memory, create job queues, and program jobs or check job status.
Large, Easy-to-Read Screen: With large, bright touch-screen, simple intuitive copy and facsimile menus, and on-screen QWERTY keypad for fast data entry, the Di2510f control panel makes operation quick and intuitive even for first-time users.
Tilting Control Panel: The control panel tilts from 7 deg. to 43 deg. to allow versatile installation and wheelchair access.
PageScope Light: Embedded in your Di2510f, PageScope Light software lets you access Minolta multifunctional peripheral status through your standard web browser -- to monitor status of your printer/copier/scanner/fax in seconds without leaving your desk.
PageScope Network Control: Provided with your Minolta Print Controller, PageScope Net Care gives system administrators a complete picture of every connected (MIB compliant) device. PageScope EMS Plug-Ins automatically detects Minolta multifunctional devices located anywhere on your enterprise network -- and PageScope NDPS Gateway seamlessly connects to high-volume Novell environments, letting you check printer and print job status via NDPS.
PageScope Address Book Utility (ABU): Provided with your Minolta Print Controller, PageScope ABU lets you easily import, store, and exchange addressing information with an LDAP-compliant E-mail server -- to create one-touch Scan to E-mail lists and keep them continually updated.
PageScope Cabinet Pro: The powerful new PageScope personal document management application that gives you fast, flexible access to scanned documents. No more worrying about filing and finding -- everything can be accessed with point-and-click ease. Paper documents can be scanned and combined with documents created electronically, so all relevant information can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Thumbnail previews, drag-and-drop distribution, file conversion, OCR, full-text search, image editing, image enhancement -- you�ll have them all.
PageScope Router: Scan and distribute in one simple step, automatically send files to any destination -- that�s what PageScope Router does for your workflow, giving network users immediate access to all the information they need. You can adjust image quality, convert file formats on the fly, even take advantage of automatic archiving so necessary documents and paper trails are preserved.
Available Print/Copy Functions*:
Auto Duplex, Stackless
Auto/Manual/Photo Exposure Modes
Auto Tray Switching
Black/White Reverse
Book Copy
Booklet Pagination
Copy Track (up to 1,000 accounts)
Cover Mode
Criss/Cross Sorting
Energy Save Mode
Erase (Border, Frame, Edge)
Face-Up or Face-Down Output
Hole-Punching (2-ho
Minolta Minolta Di-2510f

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Minolta Di-2510f

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