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Epson Stylus 4800
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We'll beat any online price on Epson Stylus 4800 Printer Supplies and Accessories!
We'll beat any online price on Epson Stylus 4800 Printer Supplies and Accessories!
Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 incorporates a unique 17-inch wide printer design with a breakthrough new 8-color ink technology, forcing us to reconsider what's possible from photographic ink jet printing.


All New 8-Channel Print Head Technology
Print head design capable of handling eight separate ink channels
1-inch wide high-performance print head with 180 nozzles per channel
Maximum Resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi
Incredibly sharp text and line art
Extremely fine blends and photographic transitions

Variable-Sized Droplet with AMC Technology
Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliter to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic quality
Proprietary Active Meniscus Control (AMC) technology precisely controls the curvature of every ink droplet within each nozzle before releasing it onto the media. The result is extremely sharp and accurate placement of ink droplets for outstanding photographic print quality.

Epson PreciseColor Technology
In order to ensure consistent printing between multiple Stylus Pro printers of the same model, Epson has enhanced the production process to include colorimetric calibration. This system evaluates and adjusts each printer's difference at the manufacturing stage, assuring you of consistent color output from printer to printer.

Automatic Print Head Alignment Technology
Built-in sensor reads printed data for highly precise alignments of all color channels
Aligns both single and bi-directional print modes.

Automatic Print Head Cleaning Technology
Built-in sensor reads nozzle check pattern and automatically cleans print head if any problems are found; even partially clogged nozzles

Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink Technology

All New 8-Color Pigment-Based Ink System
High-density pigments for an extremely wide color gamut
Professional print permanence ratings for truly sellable quality prints
High-gloss Microcrystal Encapsulation Technology for reduced gloss differential
Superior scratch resistance from improved pigment and resin chemistry
Color is stable immediately after printing; no short-term color shifting
Depending upon media; produces a black density up to 2.3 with an L* value of 4.1*
*Data based on Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (250)

New Three-Level Black Ink Technology
Simultaneously uses Black, Light Black, and Light Light Black inks
Significantly improves the printer's gray balance while eliminating color casts
Impressive midtones and highlights for a smoother tonal range
Virtually eliminates the metamerism and bronzing of basic pigment chemistry
Enhances the ICC profiling process for ColorSync and ICM workflows

New Advanced Black and White Printing Technology
Unique driver technology taking full advantage of our three-level black system to produce professional black and white prints from color or grayscale image files
Proprietary Epson screening technology developed specifically for black and white printing
Produces a truly consistent image with no color crossover or color cast
Produces sellable quality neutral and toned black and white prints from a single ink set

Two User-Exchangeable Black Ink Modes
Printer can utilize two different black ink modes; Photo Black or Matte Black. This innovative solution optimizes the black ink density for various media types, dramatically improving the final print quality.

The standard Photo Black ink mode can be used for any media type with professional results. However, for certain Epson media types such as Velvet Fine Art, Enhanced Matte, and UltraSmooth Fine Art, using the optional Matte Black ink mode instead, will dramatically increase your black optical density for even better print quality.

Unique 17" Wide Print Engine Technology

Professional Media Handling
Prints on virtually any media type, in roll or cut sheet, from letter up to 17" wide
Built-in high-capacity paper tray handling up to 250 sheets of plain letter-sized paper or up to 50 sheets of photographic media up to 17" x 22"
Supports printing on both sides of the media without damaging the previously printed side
User-adjustable Roll Media Spindle accepts either 2" or 3" media cores
Four built-in media paths including roll feed, cut-sheet tray, front-top manual feed, and a straight-through front manual feed handling weights up to 1.5mm thick posterboard
Built-in automatic media cutter

True BorderFree Printing
Capable of printing off both left and right edges of roll based media, while automatically cutting top and bottom edges to produce a full-bleed print on all four sides
Fully trims your finished prints more accurately and safely than by hand

High Performance Print Engine Speeds
The Epson Stylus Pro 4800 utilizes our latest print head technology; making it one of the fastest printers ever made by Epson. The following information represents the highest quality print modes for three popular print sizes.

Print Mode
Fine: 720 dpi HS produces an 8" x 10" in 1:28, 11" x 14" in 2:27, 16" x 20" in 4:07

SuperFine: 1440 dpi HS produces an 8" x 10" in 2:00, 11" x 14" in 3:25, 16" x 20" in 6:07

SuperFine: 1440 dpi produces an 8" x 10" in 3:17, 11" x 14" in 5:35, 16" x 20" in 9:46

SuperPhoto: 2880 dpi HS produces an 8" x 10" in 3:54, 11" x 14" in 6:35, 16" x 20" in 11:40

SuperPhoto: 2880 dpi produces an 8" x 10" in 6:25, 11" x 14" in 10:55, 16" x 20" in 18:57.
Print speeds are shown in min:sec. HS = High Speed Print Mode (Bi-directional Print Mode)

Epson Intelligent High-Capacity Ink System
Eight individual 110ml or 220ml ink cartridges
Greatly increases productivity by allowing you to replace ink cartridges on the fly, even during the middle of a print job
Utilizes both 110ml and 220ml ink cartridges simultaneously to optimize ink usage

Epson PrintJob Information System
Built-in printer memory automatically tracks key print job statistics, such as ink and media usage, remaining media, data file and user names, print times and more
Reports can be download from printer memory or printed

Superior Connectivity
Includes one USB 2.0, one IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and one Epson Expansion Slot for installing the optional 10/100 BaseT Ethernet card
(Ethernet included with Pro Edition bundle)
Professional Epson Photographic Drivers for Macintosh and Windows
Optional PANTONE licensed and SWOP certified PostScript Language Level 3 Compatible RIP by ColorBurst (included only with Pro Edition bundle)
Fully supported by most leading third party RIPs and workflows; the Epson Stylus Pro series printers are used within the most demanding commercial printing environments

World Class Service and Support
Free one-year of coverage unde
Epson Epson Stylus 4800

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Epson Stylus 4800

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