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Canon Pc-1080f
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Canon continues to be the #1 Choice in Personal Copiers. The new PC1080F offers digital laser technology to the line up of personal desktop copiers. This technology provides outstanding quality output for professional results. The PC1080F includes fax capability allowing you to fax your documents from the platen or the feeder.
The Single Cartridge System, reliable 30-sheet automatic document feeder, 13 copy-per-minute speed, 500-sheet front-loading paper cassette; 100-sheet multi-purpose tray, and energy saving features to deliver unrivaled copying and faxing productivity for your office. Since the cartridge contains everything that can run out or wear out - toner, drum and development unit - in one easily replaceable component, the PC1080F is virtually maintenance free.
Equipped with a wide range zoom, the ability to collate copies and 2 on 1 image combination are added features that make the PC1080F an outstanding business machine.


Canon's patented Single Cartridge System contains most everything that can run out or wear out - toner, drum and development unit - in one easily replaceable cartridge, for virtually maintenance-free performance.
Copier and Facsimile
Convenient and efficient 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder accepts originals from statement to legal size.
500-sheet front-loading paper cassette for big copying jobs, plus 100 sheet multi-purpose tray for alternate paper feeding.
Canon's revolutionary RAPID Fusing SystemTM delivers high-quality copies instantly with no warm-up time and no waiting.
Quick 13 copies-per-minute copying speed (letter), 10 copies-per-minute (legal).
Zoom ratios between 50% and 200%, in 1% increments or preset zoom ratios of 50%, 64%, 78% or 129% and 200%.
Memory Collate; 2 on 1 image combination.
Automatic exposure; Photo and Toner Saver mode.
Uses the Canon L50 cartridge yielding approximately 5,000 copies* (included).
ENERGY STAR compliant.
Three year warranty (limited parts and labor) with Free On-Site Service for the 1st year.
Fax documents from platen glass or ADF.
Up to Large 79 page fax* memory.
100 Coded speed dials: 12 One-Touch dials.
UHQ (Ultra High Quality image enhancement.
Specifications: Copy Function

Type: Personal Desktop Copier & Facsimile
Copyboard: 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
Copying Method: Indirect Electrostatic Transfer
Fixing System: Canon's RAPID Fusing SystemTM
Acceptable Originals (copyglass): Sheets, books and 3-dimensional objects up to 4.4 lbs.
Maximum Original Size: 8-1/2 x 14
Automatic Document Feeder
Size: Statement to Legal
Weight: 15 to 32 lb. paper
30 sheetes (20 lb. bond paper)
Copy Size: Legal (8-1/2 x 14) 3 x 5
Standard Mode: 100%
Preset Reduction Mode: 50%, 64%, 78%
Preset Enlargement Mode: 129%, 200%
Zoom Mode: 50% to 200% in 1% increments
Exposure Control: Automatic, Manual, Photo Mode and Toner Saver.
Warm-up Time: 0 seconds at 68� F (20�C)
First Copy Speed: 13 seconds (Letter)
Copy Speed: 13 cpm (Letter, 100%); 10 cpm (Legal, 100%)
Multiple Copies: 1 - 99
Paper Feeding: Adjustable paper cassette (500-sheet, front-loading) and 100-sheet stack bypass
Power Source: 120V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption: .78 KW (maximum)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 18 3/4 x 17-3/8 x 15-1/8
Weight: 52.9 lbs. (including cartridge)
Cartridge: Canon L50 (included)
Specifications: Fax Function
Compatability: G3
Data Compressing System:MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Modem Speed:14400/9600/7200/4800/2400 bps Automatic fallback
Transmission Speed: Approx. 6 seconds/page** at 14400 bps, ECM-MMR, transmitting from memory
Scanning Image Processing:UHQTM (Ultra High Quality) image enhancement
Memory:Up to 79 pages** (1.28 MB)
Fax Scanning Speed:Approx. 3.2 seconds/page
Fax Resolution Standard:203 pels/in. x 98 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
Fine:203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
Super Fine:203 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
Ultra Fine:406 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (16 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)

DialingAutomatic dialing
One-touch speed dialing (12 destinations)
Coded speed dialing (100 destinations)
Group dialing (Max. 111 destinations)
Directory dialing (with Directory button)
Regular dialing (with numeric buttons)
Automatic redialing
Manual redialing (with Redial/Pause button)
Networking:Sequential broadcast (Max. 122 destinations)
Automatic reception
Automatic Fax/Tel switchover
Remote reception by telephone (Default ID:25)
Non-ring reception
ECM deactivation
DRPD (Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection)
Activity Report (after every 20 transactions)
Non-delivery report
TTI (Transmit Terminal Identification)
Connection: Telephone/answering machine (CNG detecting signal)/ data modem

**Based on ITU-T No. 1 Chart, standard mode.
Based on standard mode.
Our price guarantee includes Canon Pc-1080f Copier Toner!

Our price guarantee includes Canon Pc-1080f Copier Drums!
These specs apply to the following models: Canon Pc-1080, Canon Pc1080, Canon 1080, Pc-1080f, Pc-1080
Canon Canon Pc-1080f

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Canon Pc-1080f

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