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Canon Colorpass Z650
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When maximum productivity and fine control over color are essential, the Canon ColorPASS-Z650 color server delivers the power to perform. It�s a robust, mid-range RIP solution that transforms Canon CLC 1100 Series copiers into network printers, dramatically enhancing the capabilities of these devices with a level of color quality and consistency once reserved for high-level commercial printers.
Powered by a high-speed 1 GHz Intel Pentium III processor, a 40 GB hard drive, 256 MB of RAM, and an internal 250 MB Zip drive, the Z650 utilizes a NetWise� 3 open architecture can store and transport a wide range of files across virtually any network, platform, or application. The ColorWise� 3 color management system provides a wide array of color correction and calibration tools for achieving consistent color time and time again. There�s even a new Command WorkStation� 4, which automatically detects all ColorPASS devices and servers on your network, so you can manage them easily from the same window.
Topping things off is a long list of utilities and extras. With Job Submission, you're able to send files in PDF format to the CLC via E-mail from any location. Multiuser Access enables all users to be linked to the entire production process from any desktop PC, significantly reducing prepress time. Fiery� Scan� technology provides advanced network scanning and delivery capabilities, including tabloid size scanning and Scan-to-Email. And with the optional Graphic Arts Package, you can experience exceptional control over output quality and greater accuracy in proofing.
NetWise� 3 open architectureAllows the ColorPASS-Z650 to connect easily and seamlessly to all popular platforms and networks. Includes
Support for Internet Printing Protocol
Emailed jobs, including attachments, can be emailed directly to the Fiery and automatically printed
Simultaneous support for multiple protocols and connections
Automatic configuration of protocols and bindings when connecting to the network
Support for all popular print services for direct printing
SNMP for monitoring device activity
Internet Printing Protocol and Email support

ColorWise� 3 color management systemProvides a wide array of color correction and calibration tools for achieving consistent color from all applications and platforms. Includes:
Automatic PANTONE matching and transparent handling of RGB, CMYK, Lab and spot color data.
Fiery Profile Manager� allows users to download and manage ICC source, simulation, and output device profiles.
The Fiery Color Editor� enables customization and saving of ICC profiles and color curves.
The Fiery Print Calibrator� features a simple interface that offers both basic and advanced calibration methods
Post-RIP calibration to separate the calibration process from the RIP process.
ColorCal�, an improved two-step calibration process to compensate for potential measurement inconsistencies.
Gray Component Removal for giving black areas a sharper look.
Auto Gray to automatically adjust gray balance and improve consistency when using multiple devices in one location.

Command WorkStation� 4Automatically identifies devices on your network and allows for centralized print job management. Includes:
Three levels of security for administration and printing
Extensive job controls
Thumbnail and full-screen job previews for remote job management
Load balancing available to maximize printing resources
Archiving of files for accessing and re-printing later
Job Log window for detailed information on every print job
Customizable User Interface can be tailored to workflow requirements and operator skill level

Graphic Arts Package (Optional)A specialized set of productivity tools that integrates into high-end, prepress workflows for. Features included are Hot Folders, Halftone Screening and Paper Simulation, Spot-On�, Auto-trapping, Unlimited Separations, TIFF/IT File Support, and Soft Proofing.

What is a RIP (Raster Image Processor)? A RIP is a hardware or combination hardware/software product that converts images described in the form of vector graphics statements or Post Script page descriptions into rasterized graphic images or bitmaps. For example, laser printers use RIPs to convert images that arrive in vector form (such as text in a specified font) into a rasterized form that can then be edited and printed.
Our price guarantee includes Canon Colorpass Z650 Copier Toner!

Our price guarantee includes Canon Colorpass Z650 Copier Drums!
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Canon Canon Colorpass Z650

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Canon Colorpass Z650

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