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Canon C-210
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The ENERGY STAR� compliant Canon C210 copier delivers improved performance and reliability for increased overall office productivity. Featuring a crisp 21 copy-per-minute operating speed and dual 500-sheet front-loading user-adjustable cassettes, the C210 can tackle any copying task. Optional accessories include a 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, and your choice of a 10-bin Sorter or 10-bin Stapler Sorter, so you can automate entire copy jobs from start to finish. The C210's enhanced imaging capabilities and Automatic Exposure, Photo Mode, Image Combination and Two-page Separation features ensure quality copies every time.
The C210 features a host of automatic capabilities including Auto Zoom and Auto Paper Selection to take the guesswork out of copier operation. In addition, the C210 allows users to program the copier for up to 999 copies, and offers Job Interrupt, 100-account ID Mode and a convenient 50-sheet Stack Bypass to meet the unique copying demands of every office-including yours. With the C210 copier, you'll save time and increase productivity without compromising quality!
Our price guarantee includes Canon C-210 Copier Toner!

Our price guarantee includes Canon C-210 Copier Drums!
These specs apply to the following models: Canon Usa - Copiers Canon C210, Canon Usa - Copiers Canon 210, Canon Usa - Copiers C-210, Canon Usa - Copiers C210, Canon Usa - Copiers 210, C-210
Canon Usa - Copiers Canon C-210

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Canon C-210

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