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12th Year
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ST905003FGA2E1-RK Seagate
500gb Freeagent Go 2.0 Hd Slvr 2.5 Usb 2.0 5400 8m
CTM40-3 Seagate
3pk 40gb Travan 40 Tape Cart
ST3300631A-RK Seagate
300gb Pata/100 16mb Hd 3.5in Retail Packaged
ST9100824AS Seagate
100gb Momentus 5400.2 Sata/150 2.5in 8mb 5400
ST3250824AS Seagate
250gb Barracuda 7200.9 8mb Sata Ncq
ST3160812A Seagate
160gb Barracuda 7200.9 8mb Pata
ST380013AS Seagate
Barracuda 7200.7 80gb Sata/150 Hd 8.5ms
STT220000A-SST Seagate
Certance Travan 20 Atapi Int 10/20gb Dr
ST98823A Seagate
80gb Momentus 5400rpm 8mb Mobile Hd
ST9160821A Seagate
160gb Momentus 5400.3 Mobile Hd 8mb
ST4000VM000 Seagate
4tb Video Hd 6gbs Sata
ST373454LW-20TPK Seagate
20pk 73gb Cheetah 15k.4 U320 Scsi 68pin 8mb
ST960812A-RK Seagate
60gb Pata/100 8mb Mobile 2.5in Retail Pkg
ST310005EXA101-RK Seagate
1tb Ext 3.5 Hd 16mb Usb 2yr Wty
ST3200827A-20TPK Seagate
20pk 200gb Barracuda 7200.9 8mb Pata
ST3100203U2-RK Seagate
100gb Ext Usb 2mb Hd 3.5in Retail Packaged
ST380011A Seagate
Barracuda 7200.7 80gb Hd Ata/100 8.5ms
ST973451SS Seagate
73gb Savvio 15krpm 2.5in Sff Dr Sas 16mb
ST373405LW Seagate
Cheetah 73lp 73.4gb U160 Lvd 4.9ms 68pin 10krpm
ST31000640SS Seagate
1tb Barracuda Es.2 7200rpm Sas 3.5 16mb
ST3300622AS Seagate
300gb Barracuda 7200.9 16mb Sata Ncq
STU42001LW-S Seagate
Viper 200 Lto 100/200gb Int Baretd Lvd 5.25fh
ST9300653SS Seagate
Savvio 15k.3 6gb/S 300gb
CLM400-5 Seagate
5pk Lto2 Tape Cart
ST2000NM0043 Seagate
Constellation Es.3 Sed 2tb Sas
ST4000DM000 Seagate
4tb 7200 Rpm Sata 3.5" Hd
ST2000DM001 Seagate
2tb 7200 Rpm Sata 3.5" Hd
ST1000DM003 Seagate
1tb 7200 Rpm Sata 3.5" Hd
STTMCL Seagate
Dry Cleaning Cart For Tr3 Tr4 And Tr5 Drvs
ST373454SS-20TPK Seagate
20pk 73gb Cheetah 15k.4 Sas 8mb 300mb/S
ST3000DM001 Seagate
3tb 7200 Rpm Sata 3.5" Hd
ST3000NM0033 Seagate
Constellation Es.3 3tb Sata 6g
ST3000NM0023 Seagate
Constellation Es.3 3tb Sas 6g
ST500DM002 Seagate
500gb Barracuda Sata Hd
ST1000NM0043 Seagate
Constellation Es.3 Sed 1tb Sas
ST3750640A Seagate
750gb Hd 16mb Cache 7200rpm Eide
ST3160023AS Seagate
Barracuda 7200.7 160gb Sata/150 Hd 8.5ms
BHWCX-EY Seagate
Lto3 1dr 2u Rm U160 Scsi Blk
STD624000N-SB Seagate
Scorpion Dat 24gb Ext Tape Drv 5.25hh 2mb
ST3120024A Seagate
Barracuda Ata V 120gb Hd Ata/100 8mb 7200
ST336918N Seagate
Barracuda 36es2 36.9gb Uscsi Hd 7200 50pin 2mb
STT220000A-M Seagate
Hornet 20 Travan 20gb Int Stdtd Atapi W/O Sw
CL400LWEF-S Seagate
Cl 400 Dt Td 200gb Lto2 U160 Tdkit
ST373307LW Seagate
Cheetah 73gb Int U320 Hd 3.5lp 4.7ms 68pin 10krpm
ST340016A Seagate
Barracuda Ata Iv 40gb Hd Ata/100 8.9ms 7200
ST336607LC-20TPK Seagate
20pk Cheetah 36gb Int Hd U320 3.5lp 4.7ms 80pn 10k
ST340014A-RK Seagate
40gb Pata/100 2mb Cache 3.5in Int Retail 7200rpm
ST3120213A Seagate
120gb Barracuda 7200.9 2mb Pata
STTM20-3 Seagate
3pk Travan 20gb Data Cart
STTM40-3 Seagate
3pk Travan 40gb Data Cart