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Canon IMAGE RUNNER 3300I |
The Canon IMAGE RUNNER 3300I
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OEM Part # IR3300I 
Weight 1 lbs
AMOF ID 706596
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 Built on Canon's newly developed, network-oriented architecture called imagePlatform, the imageRUNNER 3300 offers a 33 page-per-minute speed and the highest levels of image quality, network integration and elevated multi-tasking capabilities in the market. The imageRUNNER 3300 ships as a standalone digital copier, supporting many advanced copying features, as well as the local scanning of documents into an internal image server Mailbox system. And, with its modular design, customers can easily add network printing, Super G3 Fax capabilities, and network scanning as needed.

With a standard internal 5.1GB Image Server with 128MB RAM, the imageRUNNER 3300 supports many advanced features including Scan-Once-Print-Many, Copy Reservation, Job Build, Confidential Mailboxes and more. Offering standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing, a large 4,550-sheet maximum paper capacity and the most advanced finishing features in its class, the imageRUNNER 3300 is designed to deliver enhanced productivity to corporate workgroups and departments.

The imageRUNNER 3300 features a 33 page-per-minute copy and print speed and a duty cycle of up to 120,000 impressions per month.

A 5.1GB Image Server and 128MB of RAM support a number of key applications of the imageRUNNER 3300 including Scan-Once-Print-Many, Confidential Mailboxes, Automatic Page Impositioning, Copy Reservation, and Job Build. These functions can be easily accessed through a large Touchscreen LCD panel at the device.

An extensive on-line paper supply minimizes paper reloading chores for maximum productivity. The standard 1,050-sheet paper capacity can be increased to a maximum of 4,550-sheets through optional accessories. In addition, an Envelope Feeder Attachment is available for high-volume envelope printing environments.

Canon's patented RAPID Fusing System™ dramatically reduces energy consumption costs while virtually eliminating long warm-up periods typically associated with conventional solutions.

A compact engine design makes the imageRUNNER 3300 a perfect fit even in environments with limited space.

With an optional print controller capable of handling 10/100 Ethernet or Token ring connections, and support for PostScript® 3 Emulation and PCL® 6 print languages, the imageRUNNER 3300 meets the needs of even the most demanding workgroup environments.

Super G3 fax capabilities are available through an optional fax board that provides fax transmission at 33.6 Kbps.

Network scanning capabilities are available through the implementation of Canon's Network ScanGear TWAIN-compliant scanner software. For advanced scanning and file management functionality, the imageRUNNER 3300 supports eCopy Suite, including eCopy ScanStation, eCopy ShareScan and eCopy Desktop.

An optional 50-sheet Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder accepts double-sided originals in sizes up to 11"x 17" and even handles different sized leading edges with ease.

The imageRUNNER 3300 offers finishing capabilities previously available only through outsourcing or through Central Reproduction Departments. With multiple output options, the imageRUNNER 3300 can perform simple sorting and collating or advanced multiposition stapling, saddle-stitching, V-folding and 2- or 3-hole punched output.

The imageRUNNER 3300 is Dazel Certified. Dazel is a leading provider of enterprise output management solutions in the marketplace. As a result of this Certification, the Canon imageRUNNER 3300 supports Dazel environments and will operate in connection with the requirements associated with Dazel's output management server software.

Main Unit Specs
      Type: Digital Multifunction Imaging System
      Imaging System: Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
      Developing System: Dry Monocomponent Toner Projection
      Fixing System: RAPID Fusing System™
      Duty Cycle: Up to 120,000 impressions/month
      Image Server Memory: 128MB Standard + 5.1GB Hard Disk Drive
      Max. Mailboxes Supported: 100
      Max. Copy Reservation: 5 Jobs
      Scanning Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
      Printing Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
      Interpolated Resolution: 1200 dpi x 600 dpi (Copy)
2400 dpi x 600 dpi (Print)
      Halftone: 256 Gradations of Gray
      Multicopy Speed
            Letter: 33 cpm/ppm
            Letter-R: 18 cpm/ppm
            Legal: 14 cpm/ppm
            Ledger: 16 cpm/ppm
            Statement: 18 cpm/ppm
      First Copy Time: 5.8 seconds (From Platen Glass)
6.6 seconds (From DADF)
      Multiple Copies: 1 to 999
      Magnification: 25% - 800%, in 1% increments
      Preset Reductions: 25%, 50%, 64%, 73%, 78%
      Preset Enlargements: 121%, 129%, 200%, 400%, 800%
      Acceptable Originals: Sheets, Books, 3 Dimensional Items (Up to 4.4 lbs.)
      Maximum Original Size: 11" x 17"
      Standard Paper Capacity: 2 x 500 Sheets
      Manual Bypass: 50 Sheets
      Maximum Paper Capacity: 4,550 Sheets
      Output Sizes
            Cassette: Statement to Ledger
            Bypass: 4" x 5-1/2" to 11-3/4" x 17"
      Acceptable Paper Weights
            Cassette: 17 - 20 lb. Bond
            Bypass: 17 - 32 lb. Bond
      Duplexing: Standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing
      Warm-up Time: 10 Seconds or Less
      Exposure Control: Automatic or Manual
      Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 15A
      Dimensions (H x W x D): 40-1/8" x 22-1/4" x 26-3/4"
(1020mm x 565mm x 678mm)
      Weight: 176.3 lbs.
      Toner: GPR-6 Black Toner
      Estimated Toner Yield: 15,000 Images (6% Coverage)
      Drum: GPR-6 Drum Unit
      Estimated Drum Yield: 55,000 Impressions
                  Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder-H1 (Optional)
                  Acceptable Originals: Statement to Ledger
                  Scanning Speed: 33 opm (Letter)
                  Capacity: 50 Sheets
                  Paper Weights: 10 - 32 lb. Bond
                  Different Size Originals: Same Width/Different Width
                  Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                  Dimensions (H x W x D): 4-7/8" x 22-3/8" x 21-1/8"
(122mm x 565mm x 535mm)
                  Weight: 17.6 lbs.
      Paper Supply Options
                  Cassette Feeding Unit-W1 (Optional)
                  Number of Cassettes: 2
                  Paper Capacity: 1,000 Sheets
                  Paper Sizes: Statement-R to Ledger
                  Paper Weights: 17 - 20 lb. Bond
                  Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                  Dimensions (H x W x D): 22-3/8" x 26-3/4" x 9-3/4"
(565mm x 678mm x 248mm)
                  Weight: 67.1 lbs.
                  Paper Deck-L1 (Optional)
                  Number of Cassettes: 1
                  Dimensions (H x W x D): 22-3/8" x 26-3/4" x 9-3/4"
(565mm x 678mm x 248mm)
                  Weight: 67.1 lbs.
                  Paper Deck-L1 (Optional)
                  Number of Cassettes: 1
                  Paper Capacity: 2,500 Sheets
                  Paper Sizes: Letter
                  Paper Weights: 17 - 20 lb. Bond
                  Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                  Dimensions (H x W x D): 17" x 12-7/8" x 23-1/4"
(432mm x 324mm x 591mm)
                  Weight: 66.1 lbs.
      Output Options
            Finishers/Output Trays
                        Finisher-J1 (Optional)
                        Paper Weights: 17 - 32 lb. Bond
                        Paper Sizes: Statement to Ledger
                        Number of Trays: 1
                        Tray Capacity
                              Top Tray: 300 Sheets (Letter)
                        Staple Capacity: 30 Sheets (Letter)
15 Sheets (Ledger)
                        Staple Positions: 1-Top Corner
                        Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                        Dimensions (H x W x D): 9-1/8" x 22-3/8" x 20-1/8"
(232mm x 565mm x 509mm)
                        Weight: 24.2 lbs.
                        Inner 2-Way Tray-A1 (Optional)
                        Paper Weights: 17 - 32 lb. Bond
                        Paper Sizes: Statement to Ledger
                        Number of Trays: 2
                        Tray Capacity
                              Top Tray: 100 Sheets (Letter)
                              Lower Tray: 250 Sheets (Letter)
                        Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                        Dimensions (H x W x D): 10" x 5-7/8" x 16-1/2"
(254mm x 149mm x 420mm)
                        Weight: 7.7 lbs.
                        Saddle Finisher-G1 (Optional)
                        Paper Weights: 17 - 32 lb. Bond
                        Paper Sizes: Statement to Ledger
                        Number of Trays: 4 Trays, including Saddle-Stitch Tray and Inner 2-Way Tray
                        Tray Capacity
                              Top Tray: 1,000 Sheets (Letter)
                              Middle Tray: 250 Sheets (Letter)
                              Lower Tray: 250 Sheets (Letter)
                              Saddle-Stitch Tray: 100 Sheets
                        Staple Capacity: 50 Sheets (Letter)
                        Staple Positions: Multiposition Stapling
1 - Top Corner
2 - Side Margin (Book Staple, Two Patterns)
3 - Saddle-Stitch
                        Saddle-Stitch Specifications
                              Paper Sizes: Letter-R , Ledger
                              Stapling Capacity: 10 sheets
                              Fold Type: V-Fold Standard
                        Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                        Dimensions (H x W x D): 33-5/8" x 21" x 23-3/4"
(855mm x 532mm x 603mm)
                        Weight: 77.2 lbs.
                        Puncher Unit-K1 (Optional)
                        Paper Weights: 17 - 32 lb. Bond
                        Paper Sizes: Letter, Legal, Ledger
                        Hole Punch: 2 Holes (Letter-R. Legal)
3 Holes (Letter, Ledger)
                        Power Source: Directly from Main Unit
                        Dimensions (H x W x D): 6-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 22-1/8"
(170mm x 90mm x 560mm)
                        Weight: 5.3 lbs.
      Fax Boards
                  Super G3 Fax Board-J1 (Optional)
                  Applicable Line: Public Switched Telephone Network
                  Compatibility: G3
                  Modem Speed: 33,600 bps
                  Transmission Speed: 3 Seconds
                  Data Compression: MMR, MR, MH, JBIG
                  Memory: 128MB
                  Maximum Memory: 128MB
      Printer Boards
                  Network Multi-PDL Printer Kit-C1 (Optional)
                  Processor: 250 MHz Canon Custom Processor
                  Standard Memory: 128MB RAM
                  Maximum Memory: 128MB RAM
Cassette Feeding Module - K1
Adds two additional front-loading, user-adjustable 250-sheet paper cassettes to the standard paper supply.
Sorters / Finishers / Accessories
Finisher - U1
Internal finishing option that supports 50-sheet top corner stapling capabilities within the original footprint of the machine.
Additional Finisher Tray - C1
Option for the Finisher-U1, provides an additional exit destination to separate output.

image runner 3300i
canon ir3300i
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