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fo-5700 super g3 plain paper laser fax
sharp fo-5700
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The Sharp FO-5700 Super G3 Plain Paper Laser Fax
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FO-5700 Super G3 Plain Paper Laser Fax

Your Price: $1,078.78
OEM Part # FO-5700 
UPC 074000032361 
Weight 48.4 lbs
AMOF ID 354063
OverviewAccessoriesCompetitor PricingSpecs

  • 33.6 Kbps Super G3 Modem: The ultra fast 33.6 Kbps Super G3 modem transmits faxes at an incredible 2 seconds per page

  • JBIG Compression for faster graphics transmission: The advanced JBIG compression technology enables the highest level of compression and increases the speed of transmissions to 2 second per page

  • Ultra Fast Scan Speed: With a scan speed of less than two seconds per page, the FO-5700 makes quick work of outgoing faxes. Time spent at the fax machine is reduced, even when sending out multiple pages.

  • Paper Capacity: The FO-5700 comes standard with 250-sheet paper capacity. An optional second 500-sheet cassette brings the maximum paper capacity to 750 sheets!

  • Innovative Fax Separator Feature: When the optional 500 sheet paper tray is attached, the innovative fax separator inserts coloured sheets between incoming faxes for ease of distribution.

  • Expandable Memory: 1Mb of memory, upgradable to 5Mb, gives the FO-5700 the capacity to store over 300 pages, so there is no concern about losing faxes if the paper runs out.

  • High Quality Laser Printing: With its 400 dpi resolution, the FO-5700 delivers faxes with clean type and sharp images on plain paper. Pages are automatically collated, simplifying the handling of incoming documents.

  • Optional Printer Interface: The optional printer interface and software transforms the FO-5700 fax machine into a high quality 600 x 600 dpi, 8 pages per minute laser printer. Compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT4.0

  • Duplex Scanning: The FO-5700 sends and copies double-sided pages. \by simply pressing the Duplex Fax key the FO-5700 scans in the odd pages. Once the document are turned over, the even sides are scanned. the FO-5700 then sends the fax, in order, automatically. Nothing could be more convenient.

  • Quick-Dial Access: For added efficiency, Sharp's Quick-Dial Access begins dialling the destination number immediately, even while pages are still being scanned. previously wasted is eliminated, thus increasing overall productivity.

  • Dual Access: The FO-5700 features full dual access, which means a document can be loaded and dialled even when the fax is occupied with another operation. After dialling, the document will be immediately scanned into memory and then transmitted once all previously set operations have been completed.

  • Relay Broadcast and Request: The FO-5700 can also act as a relay station. it will receive a document from a fax machine making a relay request, and automatically broadcast it to other stations, which the requesting machine specifies. Relay Request allows a document to be sent to another fax machine and that fax broadcasts the document to a number of other fax machines.

  • Distinctive ring (Telstra Faxstream® Duetâ„¢): Distinctive ring is a service offered by some telephone companies that allows different telephone numbers, each with a different ring pattern to be used on a regular single line. The fax can then be set to automatically answer when it detects one of those ring patterns.

  • Speed Dialling: There are 100 speed dial locations. Automatic dialling is a quick and convenient way of dialling which is done by pressing the Speed Dial key and entering a one, two or three digit number.

  • Rapid Dialling: There are 48 rapid dial locations. A fax number can be assigned to each one touch Rapid Dial key. A name and back-up fax number can also be stored. The back up is automatically dialled if the first fax number is busy.

  • Automatic Redialling: If the line is busy, the FO-5700 will automatically redial the number. The fax is programmed to make two redialling attempts t intervals of five minutes.

  • Group keys: Group keys allow users to dial a group of fax numbers automatically by simply pressing the appropriate Group Key once.

  • Substitute Reception: If the FO-5700 runs out of paper, toner, or the paper jams, incoming documents will be automatically stored in memory.

  • Making Copies: The FO-5700 can also be used to make copies. Single and multiple copies (up to 99 per original) can be made, enabling the FO-5700 to double as an office copier.

  • Broadcasting: This function allows the same document to be sent to up to 147 locations with just one operation.

  • Confidential Operations: The Confidential function can be used to transmit and receive confidential documents. When a document using the confidential function is sent, the receiving machine stores it in memory instead of printing it out. When the receiving party enters the correct passcode, the document will be printed out. When another fax machine sends a document by Confidential transmission, the FO-5700 fax machine holds it in memory instead of immediately printing it out. Confidential transmission is only possible when the receiving machine is a Sharp model with confidential reception capability.

  • Timer Operations: The Timer function allows an operation to be set and performed automatically at a specified time. Up to 48 operations can be set at any one time, and the time of each can be set up to a week in advance. This function takes advantage of lower night-time rates without an operator having to be there when the operation is performed.

  • Batch Transmission: Batch transmission allows a number of documents to be stored in memory at different times for automatic transmission to one location at a set time.

  • Polling: Polling allows the FO-5700 to request that another fax machine send it a document. In other words, the receiving fax machine, not the transmitting fax machine, initiates the transmission. the FO-5700 can both poll and be polled by others.

  • Print Hold: If desired, all received documents can be stored in memory instead of immediately printing them out. When the correct Print Hold code is entered, the documents will be printed out.

  • Anti Junk Fax: The Anti-Junk Fax function allows reception of faxes from parties which you specify be blocked. This saves paper by not printing out unwanted junk faxes. Up to 50 numbers can be entered in the Anti-Junk Number list.

  • Printing out Reports and Lists: A variety of lists showing settings and information entered in the fax can be printed. Reports on recent activity and reports on individual transactions after they are made can also be printed.

  • 50 Page automatic document feeder: Documents up to 50mpages in length can be automatically transmitted with the FO-5700.
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