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Canon imageRUNNER 3230 |
The Canon imageRUNNER 3230
Brand New
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imageRUNNER 3230

Your Price: $3,315.15
OEM Part # 2536B003AA 
Weight 201 lbs
Condition New
AMOF ID 1366420086
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Staple-J1(fin-Z1,Y1,sadd. fin-Y2) 3 cart/5K staple CALL
TONER,GPR-15 2270/2870,BK CALL
Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1(for DADF-N1) CALL
GPR-1516 Drum Unit (75K copies) CALL
Remote Operators Software Kit-B1 CALL
  Sheet Feeders
Inner 2 Way Tray-D1 CALL
FL Cassette-Z1 CALL
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder-U1 CALL
  Printer Kit
Direct Print Kit-F1 CALL
PS Printer Kit-AA1 CALL
Digital User Signature PDF Kit-A1 CALL
Barcode Printing Kit-A1 CALL
Barcode Printing Kit-D1 CALL
PCL Printer Kit-AA1 CALL
Universal Send & UFR II/PCL Print Package-B1 CALL
Universal Send Kit-G1 - Scan Kit CALL
UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-S1 CALL
Canon Color Universal Send & PCL Print Package-AA1 CALL
Universal Send & Multi-PDL Print package-B1 CALL
  Fax I/F Board
Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board-AC1 CALL
Super G3 Multi-Line FAX Board-D1 CALL
Super G3 2nd/3rd Fax Board -AC1 CALL
Super G3 Fax Board-AC1 CALL
  Output Paper Devices
Copy Tray-J1 CALL
Convenience Stapler-A1 CALL
Finisher-S1 CALL
Paper Deck-Q1- (2,700 sheets) CALL
Saddle Finisher-AE2 (Includes Buffer Pass-E2) CALL
  Input Paper Trays/Cassettes
Copy Tray-J1 CALL
Document Tray-J1 CALL
FL Cassette-Y1 CALL
Finisher Tray-B1 CALL
Cassette Feeding Unit-Y3 CALL
Finisher AE1 CALL
Cabinet-P1 CALL

More Options

  Periph- Keyboards/Keypads-USB Keyboards-Unclassified
USB keyboard (cherry) CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Card Reader/ Card
Card Reader Kit-B3 CALL
Copy Card Set 1 CALL
Copy Card Set 1 (1-30) CALL
Basic Card Set CALL
Card Reader-C1 CALL
Copy Card Set 2 (31-100) CALL
AA Prox V2.1L (Software Only, 1 License) CALL
Copy Card Set 3 (101-200) CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Hard Drive
Removable Hard Disk Drive Kit-C1 CALL
Removable Hard Disk Drive Kit-A1 CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Imaging/Processing/Fixing Units
Puncher Unit-R1 CALL
Puncher Unit-M1 CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Memory
Additional Memory Type A (512MB) CALL
System Upgrade RAM-A1 CALL
USB Memory Connectivity Kit-A1 CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Miscellaneous
Encrypted Secured Print Software-C1 CALL
Encrypted Secure Print-D1 CALL
Access Management System Kit-A1 CALL
Access Management System Kit-A2 CALL
Voice Guidance Kit-B1 CALL
Workflow Composer-B4 CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Other
Card Reader Kit-B1 CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.1 (I License NFR) CALL
Braille Label Kit-E1 CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.3 (1 License NFR) CALL
Authorized Send Kit (1 License NFR) CALL
Expansion Bus Board-B1 CALL
ADF Access Handle-A1 CALL
iR 256 Expansion RAM-B1 CALL
Expansion Bus Board-E1 CALL
Encrypted Secure Print Software-C1 CALL
IP Sec Board-A1 CALL
Wireless LAN Board-A1 CALL
Universal Send Searchable PDF Kit-A1 CALL
Web Access Software-G1 CALL
Digital User Signature Kit-B1 CALL
Web Access Software-H1 CALL
Authorized Send Kit V3 CALL
Secure Watermark-A1 CALL
Secure Watermark-B1 CALL
Super G3 Fax Board-Q1 CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.1 (1 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.3 (1 License) CALL
Universal Send Advanced Feature Set-B1 CALL
Universal Send Security Feature Set-B1 CALL
Authorized Send Kit V3 (10 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.1 (10 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.3 (10 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V3 (100 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.1 (100 License) CALL
Authorized Send Kit V4.3 (100 License) CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-PostScript Upgrade
PS Printer Kit-S1-Post Script CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Scanner Upgrade
Color Universal Send Kit-P1e CALL
Color Universal Send Kit-P1 Full Package CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Sound Covers
Canon Platen Cover Type M CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-USB I/F
USB Application Interface Board-G1 CALL
  Periph- Printer Options-Unclassified-Unclassified
Workflow Composer-A1 CALL
Keyboard Bracket 1 CALL
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imagerunner 3230
canon 2536b003aa
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