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Misc- Services & Agreements  ::  Fujitsu
S6010N-BACTNBD-X Fujitsu
Fi-6010n Co-term Basic Nbd Wty Post Wty
S6000NS-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-6000ns 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
S6140-AEPWNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-6140 3yr Advance Exchg
SBXF8140-BAPW4HR-1 Fujitsu
Xf8140 1yr Basic 4hr Post Wty
S5015C-DEPW5DY-1 Fujitsu
Fi-5015c 1yr Depot
S6670-BAMY247-2 Fujitsu
Fi-6670 2yr Basic 24/7
S5900C-SCMY4HR-3 Fujitsu
Fi-5900c 3yr Scancare 4 Hr
S6770A-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
Fi-6770a Co-term Basic 4 Hr Wty Post Wty
S4860C2-SCPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-4860c2 1yr Scancare Nbd Post Wty
S1500-AEPWNBD-2 Fujitsu
S1500 2yr Advance Exchg
3200 3210 3600 3610 1 Basic 4hr Post Wty
SC9080-BAPW4HR-1 Fujitsu
Dr-9080c 1yr Basic 4hr Post Wty
SKI1860-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
I1860 1mo Coterm 4hr
S5950-BAMYNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-5950 3yr Basic Nbd
S5530C2-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
Fi-5530c2 Co-term Basic 4 Hr Wty Post Wty
FUJ38-1143-01 Fujitsu
4yr Onsite + 1yr Extn Of Std Intl Ltd Wty
S4530C-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-4530c 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
S6770A-BAMYNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-6770a 3yr Basic Nbd
S6130Z-AEMYNBD-2 Fujitsu
Fi-6130z 2yr Adv Exchg
S6800-BAMY4HR-2 Fujitsu
Fi-6800 2yr Basic 4hr
SKI4600-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
I4600 1mo Coterm 4hr
S5110C-AECTNBD-X Fujitsu
Fi-5110c Co-term Advance Exchg (Min Qty 6)
SKI750-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
I750 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
S5950-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-5950 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
S6670-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
Fi-6670 Co-term Basic 4 Hr War Postwar (Min 6)
S5220C-AEPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-5220c 1yr Advance Exchg
S60F-AEPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-60f 1yr Advance Exchg
FUJ38-1631-01 Fujitsu
3yr Adp For Slates 3yr Adp + 2yr Extn
S5950-BAPW247-1 Fujitsu
Fi-5950 1yr Basic 24/7 Post Wty
S1500M-AEPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
S1500m 1yr Advance Exchg
S5750C-BACTNBD-X Fujitsu
Fi-5750c Co-term Basic Nbd Post Wty
S6010N-SCPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-6010n 1yr Scancare Nbd Post Wty
S6670A-BAMYNBD-2 Fujitsu
Fi-6670a 2yr Basic Nbd
S6010N-BAMYNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-6010n 3yr Basic Nbd
S6140Z-DEPW5DY-1 Fujitsu
Fi-6140z 1yr Depot
S5530C2-AEPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-5530c2 1yr Adv Exc Nbd Post Wty
S6800-BACT4HR-X Fujitsu
Fi-6800 Co-term Basic 4hr Wty & Post Wty
SKI620-BAPW4HR-1 Fujitsu
I620 1yr Basic 4hr Post Wty
SKI5200-BAIWNBD-1 Fujitsu
I5200 1yr Basic Nbd Wty
S6770-BAMYNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-6770 3yr Basic Nbd
S6240Z-AECTNBD-X Fujitsu
Fi-6240z Co-term Advance Exchg Nbd
S6140-AEPWNBD-2 Fujitsu
Fi-6140 2yr Advance Exchg
S6670-BAMYNBD-3 Fujitsu
Fi-6670 3yr Basic Nbd
S5530C2-BAMYNBD-2 Fujitsu
Fi-5530c2 2yr Basic Nbd
SN1800-AEPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
N1800 1yr Advance Exch Nbd
S6800-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Fi-6800 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
S4340C-BAMYNBD-2 Fujitsu
Fi-4340c 2yr Basic Nbd
I1405 I1410 I1420 I1440 1yr Basic Nbd Wty
SP70XX-BAPWNBD-1 Fujitsu
Kv-s7065c Kv-s7075c 1yr Basic Nbd Post Wty
SP3105-BACTNBD-X Fujitsu
Kv-s3105c 1mo Coterm Nbd
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