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Misc- Services & Agreements  ::  Software Maintenance Agreement
KL4413AATFR Kaspersky
Kse Gateway 250-499u Gtw Inet Gtw Sec 1yr+rnwl
W06-00802 Microsoft
Ov Sa Core Ent M/L Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr1
KL4313AAQTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 50-99u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
MCT0842 Red Hat
Rh Cert Sys Sol 1yr Starter Pack
RH0844913F3 Red Hat
Rhel Dt Self Sup 3yr
Ckp Ent S/W Sub Elite Sup W/ 4hr Onsite
Draw Graphics Ste 1u Mnt 1yr Edu
MCT0842F3 Red Hat
Rh Cert Sys Sol 1yr Starter Pack
WG019346 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 33/33w 1yr App Cntrl
WMS3YR100N Apc
Infrastruxure Central 3yr 100 Node S/W Sup
SPRN0006 Trend Micro
Clp Svrprotect M/P Mnt Win Ntw Lnx 1001-2k
J5A-00392 Microsoft
KL4413AASFQ Kaspersky
Kse Gtw 150-249u Gtw Gov/ Ed Inet Gtw Sec 1yr+rnwl
WG019339 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 33 1yr Livesecurity Rnwl
KL4313AAYTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 5000+u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
MCT0842F3RN Red Hat
Rh Cert Sys 3yr Rnwl Certification System
KL4313AANFR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 20-24u Ms Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
Ckp Ent Std Sup Special Pricing Only
KL4313AASFR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 150-249u Ms Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
KL4313AAXFR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 2500-4999u Ms Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
KL4313AAUFQ Kaspersky
Kse Mail 500-999u Ms Gov/ Ed Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
L5D-00123 Microsoft
Ov Vs Tst Pro W/ Msdn Al Sa 2y/2y Ap
543-02650 Microsoft
Ov Sa Outlook 1yr/Acqyr2
Perfect Auth Mnt 2yr En Lvl 2
MCT0954 Red Hat
Rh Dir Svr Sm Bus Bdl 1y Small Business Bdl
WGV12701 Watchguard
Xtmv Small Office And 1yr Live Sec
WG019342 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 33/33w 1yr Gtw Av
R18-01862 Microsoft
Ov Sa Win Svr Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr2
T74-01770 Microsoft
Ov Sa Win Sbs 5 User Cal 1yr/Acqyr1
NMRO0006 Trend Micro
Hosted Email Security Mnt 2001+u
MCT0826F3RN Red Hat
Rh Dir Svr 3yr Rnwl Replica
359-01477 Microsoft
Ov Sa Sql Cal Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr3
Wordperfect Office Perfct Auth Mnt 1yr En Lvl 2
W06-00658 Microsoft
Ov Sa Core Dev Cal 2yr/Acqyr2
KL4313AAWTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 1500-2499u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
WG019335 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 26-w 1yr Live Security Rnwl
WG019343 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 33/33w 1yr Spamblocker
059-05148 Microsoft
Ov Sa Word 3yr/Acqyr1
MCT1963 Red Hat
Rhel Extended Life Cycle
L5D-00094 Microsoft
Ov Vs Tst Pro W/ Msdn Al Sa 1y/1y Ap
6VC-00845 Microsoft
Winrmtdsktpsrvcscal Sa Olv D 1y Aqy2 Ap Usrcal
WG019337 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 33 1yr Security S/W Ste
H05-01763 Microsoft
Ov Sa Sharepoint User Cal 1yr/Acqyr2
T98-01269 Microsoft
Ov Sa Win Rghts Mgt Svc Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr3
WG019320 Watchguard
Watchguard Xtm 25-w 1yr Live Sec Rnwl
H04-01325 Microsoft
Ov Sa Sharepoint Svr 3yr/Acqyr1
HZ063E Hp
5yr 2nd Bd Ctr W/ Dmr Clj
RH0470148F3 Red Hat
Rhel Ibm Sys Z Disaster Recovery Prem 3yr
MCT1350 Red Hat
Technical Account Mgr Jboss
H30-01394 Microsoft
Ov Sa Stepup Project Pro 1 Proj Svr Cal 2yr/Acqyr2
KL4151AAKTQ Kaspersky
Ksv Dt Us 10-14 Virt Ws 3y Edu Gov Mnt Rnwl
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