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12th Year
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Misc- Services & Agreements  ::  Software Maintenance Agreement
312-03042 Microsoft
Ov Sa Exchange Svr 3yr/Acqyr1
D48-00353 Microsoft
Ob Sa Word Mac
RH0844913 Red Hat
Rhel Dt Self Sup
164-03727 Microsoft
Ov Sa Publisher 2yr/Acqyr2
MSRA0010 Trend Micro
Nlp Trend Mobile Sec Mnt For Win 25001-50k
W06-00657 Microsoft
Ov Sa Core Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr1
Ckp Diamond Iii Support
126-00427 Microsoft
Ob Sa Vstudio Fnd Svr User Cal
HZ488E Hp
4yr Nbd + Dmr Laserjet M602 Sup
RH0451216 Red Hat
Rhel Ibm Sys Z Disaster Recovery Smart Mgmt 1yr
021-08711 Microsoft
RH0823221F3 Red Hat
Rh Entr Linux Dsktp 50 Pack Standard
WG019384 Watchguard
Watchguard Xcs 170 1yr Securemail Sub Vol Lic
Global Pro Svc Consulting Unit Rhel Svc100min Purc
KL4713AAKTR Kaspersky
Kas 10-14u Lnx Antispam Lnx 3yr Rnwl
ACCS-PLUS-5X8 Check Point
Chkp Access Plus 5x8 Sup
J5A-00162 Microsoft
Gov Config Mgr Clt Mgmt Sa Per Ose
EBRA0007 Trend Micro
Nlp Ent Sec For Endpoints & Mail Svr5001-10000u Mn
D48-00739 Microsoft
EBRN0002 Trend Micro
Clp Ent Sec For Endpoints & Mail Svr 51-250u Mnt
ACCS-7X24 Check Point
Chkp Access 7x24 Sup
79P-02374 Microsoft
Office Pro+ All Lng Sa Ov 3yr/Acqy1 Pltfm
CMRO0004 Trend Micro
Clp Wfbs Adv 3yr 251+ U Rnwl 251+
76N-03099 Microsoft
KL4025AAKFR Kaspersky
Kms 7.0 Ee 10-14u Pda 1yr Rnwl
T99-00538 Microsoft
Ov Sa Win Rghts Mgt Svc Ext Conn 1yr/Acqyr2
126-00551 Microsoft
Ov Sa Vs Fnd Svr Dev Cal En 1yr/Acqyr1
Ckp Ts Sd Utm-1 Edge Unltd Nodes. Ann Sub
76M-01047 Microsoft
810-07923 Microsoft
9ED-00046 Microsoft
Ov Vs Prem W/ Msdn Al Sasu 1y/1y Vs Pro Msdn Ap
WG001101 Watchguard
Xtm Rem Inst Svc
PWIQ3000-VA Raritan
Pwr Iq 3000 Dev 1yr Sw Virtual App
KL4313AATTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 250-499u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
EIRA0000 Trend Micro
Nlp Intrusion Defense Fw Mnt 5-25u
065-03586 Microsoft
Gov Sa Excel
WGV12731 Watchguard
Xtmv Small Office And 1yr Sec Bdl
381-02264 Microsoft
Ov Sa Exchg Dev Cal 1yr/Acqyr2
KL4025AASTR Kaspersky
Kms 7.0 Ee 150-249u Pda 3yr Rnwl
269-09053 Microsoft
Ov Sa Stepup Office Pro Plus 1yr/Acqyr2
MCT0826 Red Hat
Rh Dir Svr 1yr Replica
KL4313AASTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 150-249u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
KL4313AAPFQ Kaspersky
Kse Mail 25-49u Ms Gov/Ed Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
KL4313AAUTR Kaspersky
Kse Mail 500-999u Ms Mailsvr Sec 3yr Rnwl
NMNA0053 Trend Micro
Ae Hes + E Encrypt Bdl 25001-50000u
EBRN0006 Trend Micro
Clp Ent Sec For Endpoints & Mail Svr 2001-5000u Mn
WG017906 Watchguard
Xcs 170 1yr Email Sec Ste Lic
269-09065 Microsoft
Ov Sa Office Pro Plus 3yr/Acqyr1
KL4313AAQFQ Kaspersky
Kse Mail 50-99u Ms Gov/Ed Mailsvr Sec 1yr Rnwl
MCT0840RN Red Hat
Rh Cert Sys Rnwl Starter Pack
KL4413AATFR Kaspersky
Kse Gateway 250-499u Gtw Inet Gtw Sec 1yr+rnwl
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