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MX-27NTBA Black Toner Cartidge (18K copies)
MX-27NTYA Yellow Toner Cartidge (15K copies)
MX-27NTCA Cyan Toner Cartidge (15K copies)
MX-27NUSA Color Drum
MX-27NVSA Color Developer
G.E. 3 Year - $4001-$5000
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  Output Paper Devices
AR-PN1B Punch Unit (for Saddle Stitch Finish)  
MX-FNX1 Inner Finisher  
Saddle Stich Finisher/Paper Pass Unit  
  Input Paper Trays/Cassettes
MX-TRX1 Exit Tray Unit  
MX-LCX1 Large Capacity Tray  
MX-DEX2 (2x500 sheet) Paper Deck/Copier Stand  
MX-DEX1 500 Sheet Paper Deck & Copier Stand  

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  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Imaging/Processing/Fixing Units
MX-PNX1B Punch Unit (for Inner Finisher)
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Multifunction Upgrade
Sharp Internet Fax Expansion Kit
MX-FXX1 Facsimile Expansion Kit
MX-PKX1 PS3 Post Script Expansion Kit
  Periph- Printer Options-Accessories-Security
Sharp Data Security Kit